NSDb Natural Series Database

Scalable, High-performance, Open Source Time Series Database
designed for Real-time Analytics on top of Kubernetes
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What is NSDb?

NSDb is a time-series Database conceived having streaming real-time analytics in mind. Besides managing time-series data, it perfectly fits the read side of Kappa Architectures or systems based on Command Query Responsibility Segregation pattern. Still, NSDB unifies the storage and retrieval of historical time-series data with real-time one. The plus is to store metrics and bind directly the incoming indexed data to the final users, thanks to pushing technologies like WebSocket

Key Benefits

Query Optimization

Ad hoc storage algorithms aimed at optimizing time-series related frequent access patterns (temporal queries)

Real-Time streaming

Near real-time streaming throughout all the layers of the kappa architectures leveraging client-side push technologies (WebSockets)

SQL Support

SQL - like query support in order to embrace the larger number of adopters and speed up developers productivity

On Top of Kubernetes

Nsdb is a self-contained solution -no external dependencies and it is built on top of Kubernetes. This allows an out-of-the-box installation on the most common cloud providers

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